Bruno Mars confirms the lead single of Breaking Dawn’s Soundtrack

Today it was announced that Bruno Mars has the lead off single off the Breaking Dawn soundtrack! The name of the track is It Will Rain, and here’s the best part—it drops in 5 days, which is September 27th. The full album will come out everywhere on November 8th . Bruno also released the cover art for the single on his website, portraying him slouched over in a chair, holding an umbrella under what looks like dripping paint.
Now since Breaking Dawn is being broken up into two different movies, that means we get two soundtracks too! So It Will Rain will be only on the breaking Dawn part one disc. According to the director, they put serious thought into this soundtrack, and chose each artist for it very carefully. Well, can’t go wrong with Bruno right?

Here is the coverart for Bruno Mar’s single ‘It Will Rain’. Enjoy!

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